Where to Spend Your Hard Earned Bitcoin

So you’ve spent a lot of time and money building up your Bitcoin balance, and now you’ve got a rather substantial amount sat in your Bitcoin wallet. The next question is; where will you be spending it? Lucky for you, more retailers now than ever before accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, so you have plenty of choices. Let’s have a look at some of the best places to spend your Bitcoins.



The obvious place to go and spend your Bitcoins is in a casino- either an ordinary online casino or a specific Bitcoin only casino. The great thing about playing in an online casino with Bitcoins is that you can have your winnings in Bitcoins too, giving you the chance to potentially make a lot more of the cryptocurrency for yourself without having to spend any extra cash!


Bitcoin Magazine

You can subscribe to issues of Bitcoin Magazine and make payments in Bitcoins. Bitcoin Magazine is definitely a worthwhile investment because it is jam-packed with knowledge, hints, and tips about the Bitcoin industry, the community and so on. If you’re looking to get started with Bitcoins, or just want to learn more about it all, you should definitely consider subscribing to the magazine!



If you’re having trouble finding the love of your life, why not sign up to a dating website? OKCupid actually accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment for their subscription services, so you can use the coins in your e-wallet rather than your hard earned cash to sign up to the site and try to find your soul mate!



If you’ve not heard of Coindl already, get to know about it- and fast! Coindl is basically the Bitcoin version of iTunes. You can purchase all sorts of digital goods, such as music, films, and books and pay for them all in Bitcoin. Some of the items on Coindl even run on a buy now, pay later scheme, so you have time to earn some more Bitcoins if you want to purchase something expensive.



If you’re after a car hire service, similar to that of Uber, then Wikispeed is your Bitcoin answer to the problem! You can hire out cars like taxis, or even for special occasions as you would a limo for a wedding, and pay for the entire service with Bitcoins.