How to Earn Bitcoin – The Easy Way

When it comes down to it, there isn’t necessarily an ‘easy’ way to earn Bitcoins- a lot of the ways you can make Bitcoin all involve a lot of time and effort. However, with that being said, there is definitely some easier ways than others that you can earn Bitcoins. Here are some of the most simple ways to do so.


Lend your Bitcoins

Similar to a bank loan, you can lend out your Bitcoins to other people and then charge interest on them when the individual is able to pay you back. Of course, this could take some time, and you might even find that you get scammed out of the money you’re owed, but it can work and pay off if the individual you loan your Bitcoins too is trustworthy and reliable!



If you are a user of online casinos, then playing with Bitcoin instead of real money is a great way for you to earn yourself some extra Bitcoins! If you make big winnings, you can transfer those winnings into Bitcoins. Either that, or you can play in specific Bitcoin casinos that deal only in the cryptocurrency. It is obviously a risky option to gamble but it can pay off!


Writing about Bitcoins

A popular site called BitcoinTalk runs campaigns that you can write about online. For every post you write, you’ll be paid around $2.67, which is a very low amount but if you’re a bit of a Bitcoin pro, writing about different aspects of the cryptocurrency isn’t the hardest of tasks and shouldn’t take you too long either. 10 articles a day would make just under $30 worth of Bitcoins, so it does all add up eventually.



Some sites will allow you to earn a small amount of Bitcoins (a really, really small amount) just for clicking different adverts on various websites. However, the pay is really very low. It averages at around $0.4 an hour, which is nothing. That being said, if you’re looking to just make a little extra here and there while you’re relaxing at home, this is a great option.


Provide a service

You can work this in two different ways. You can either provide general online services, such as graphic design or website building, and accept Bitcoin as a payment method, or you can provide services related specifically to Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin mining. Either option should allow you to make a small amount of income for you without being too much additional work!