The Best Bitcoin Wallets for 2017

If you’re a regular user of Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies, then you have no doubt been using an e-wallet. It’s so important to keep your Bitcoins safe in a Bitcoin wallet, but it can be hard to work out which wallet is the best one to use, and which one is the most secure. Worry not, because we have put together a list of the best Bitcoin wallets for 2017.



Blockchain is what’s known as a hot wallet. It’s a very beneficial wallet to use as it has its own mobile app that can be downloaded onto all iOS, Windows and Android devices. This means you can access your Bitcoins, transfer them and so on all while on the go. It’s free to use and has a simple user interface, making it a great Bitcoin wallet for beginners.



Exodus is a brand new Bitcoin wallet on the market, and already it has an excellent reputation for having exceptionally high privacy settings and security standards- while it is never completely impossible to hack a Bitcoin wallet, it is harder to hack a Bitcoin wallet hosted by Exodus. It’s free to use and is relatively straightforward to navigate around. The only minor disappointment with this wallet is that it is unavailable as a mobile app.



As far as Bitcoin wallets go, Coinbase is one of the best wallets on the market and has recently risen in popularity too. There’s very little negative aspects to the site; it’s got a simple user interface that is incredibly easy to navigate around, it’s free to use, has high levels of security to protect your Bitcoins and finally, it’s available as a mobile app too. What more could you ask of a Bitcoin wallet?



Trezor is an independent Bitcoin wallet, running as a hardware wallet rather than a hot wallet. It’s a little pricy, costing $99 to purchase an account with, but you do get what you pay for. The levels of security are incredible, and all wallets are completely secure and private. The layout of the wallet is really easy to work your way around but unfortunately, there’s yet to be a mobile app developed for Trezor.