The History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of digital online currency, also known as cryptocurrency. Developed by an anonymous person/group who use the name Satoshi Nakamoto, there was only ever 21 million coins made, with 11 million of them currently in circulation. No one knows anything specific about Satoshi Nakamoto, but what people do know is that no more Bitcoins will ever be made; once all 21 million are in circulation, that’s it.

The Bitcoin currency was introduced to the world in 2009, and since then, the growth of the currency has had it’s fair shares of ups and downs, fluctuating in the same way any other currency would. The following year after its initial development was a little quiet for Bitcoin, with the most exciting part of the year being a bug that generated a transaction of 184 billion bitcoins- something that was quickly rectified. However, by 2011, the second year of Bitcoins life, things were really starting to take off.

2011 saw several organizations begin to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, and also the release of Bitcoin Magazine, the first publication dedicated solely to the cryptocurrency. By 2012, a book titled ‘Bitcoin for Dummies’ had been published, and the cryptocurrency was featuring in pop culture, making an appearance in CNBC’s Mad Money and an episode of The Good Wife on CBS.

2013 was an even bigger year for Bitcoin. The year started relatively poorly, with the exchange rate dropping to the lowest it had ever been since its creation. However, this lapse was only temporary, and after a couple of tough months, more and more businesses were choosing to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. In fact, by the end of 2013, some Universities were even accepting Bitcoin as a way to pay for tuition.

Since then, things have only gone up for the cryptocurrency. It’s value on the stock market doubled and then doubled again, more retailers than ever before began to accept Bitcoin as a currency, including Microsoft, and more people than ever before are investing, mining and spending Bitcoins.

Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is/are/was/were will be a very happy and prosperous person/people right now! Bitcoin is one of the most profitable industries of the 21st century, and it seems set to only get better and better from here on in.

The Best Bitcoin Wallets for 2017

If you’re a regular user of Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies, then you have no doubt been using an e-wallet. It’s so important to keep your Bitcoins safe in a Bitcoin wallet, but it can be hard to work out which wallet is the best one to use, and which one is the most secure. Worry not, because we have put together a list of the best Bitcoin wallets for 2017.



Blockchain is what’s known as a hot wallet. It’s a very beneficial wallet to use as it has its own mobile app that can be downloaded onto all iOS, Windows and Android devices. This means you can access your Bitcoins, transfer them and so on all while on the go. It’s free to use and has a simple user interface, making it a great Bitcoin wallet for beginners.



Exodus is a brand new Bitcoin wallet on the market, and already it has an excellent reputation for having exceptionally high privacy settings and security standards- while it is never completely impossible to hack a Bitcoin wallet, it is harder to hack a Bitcoin wallet hosted by Exodus. It’s free to use and is relatively straightforward to navigate around. The only minor disappointment with this wallet is that it is unavailable as a mobile app.



As far as Bitcoin wallets go, Coinbase is one of the best wallets on the market and has recently risen in popularity too. There’s very little negative aspects to the site; it’s got a simple user interface that is incredibly easy to navigate around, it’s free to use, has high levels of security to protect your Bitcoins and finally, it’s available as a mobile app too. What more could you ask of a Bitcoin wallet?



Trezor is an independent Bitcoin wallet, running as a hardware wallet rather than a hot wallet. It’s a little pricy, costing $99 to purchase an account with, but you do get what you pay for. The levels of security are incredible, and all wallets are completely secure and private. The layout of the wallet is really easy to work your way around but unfortunately, there’s yet to be a mobile app developed for Trezor.


How to Earn Bitcoin – The Easy Way

When it comes down to it, there isn’t necessarily an ‘easy’ way to earn Bitcoins- a lot of the ways you can make Bitcoin all involve a lot of time and effort. However, with that being said, there is definitely some easier ways than others that you can earn Bitcoins. Here are some of the most simple ways to do so.


Lend your Bitcoins

Similar to a bank loan, you can lend out your Bitcoins to other people and then charge interest on them when the individual is able to pay you back. Of course, this could take some time, and you might even find that you get scammed out of the money you’re owed, but it can work and pay off if the individual you loan your Bitcoins too is trustworthy and reliable!



If you are a user of online casinos, then playing with Bitcoin instead of real money is a great way for you to earn yourself some extra Bitcoins! If you make big winnings, you can transfer those winnings into Bitcoins. Either that, or you can play in specific Bitcoin casinos that deal only in the cryptocurrency. It is obviously a risky option to gamble but it can pay off!


Writing about Bitcoins

A popular site called BitcoinTalk runs campaigns that you can write about online. For every post you write, you’ll be paid around $2.67, which is a very low amount but if you’re a bit of a Bitcoin pro, writing about different aspects of the cryptocurrency isn’t the hardest of tasks and shouldn’t take you too long either. 10 articles a day would make just under $30 worth of Bitcoins, so it does all add up eventually.



Some sites will allow you to earn a small amount of Bitcoins (a really, really small amount) just for clicking different adverts on various websites. However, the pay is really very low. It averages at around $0.4 an hour, which is nothing. That being said, if you’re looking to just make a little extra here and there while you’re relaxing at home, this is a great option.


Provide a service

You can work this in two different ways. You can either provide general online services, such as graphic design or website building, and accept Bitcoin as a payment method, or you can provide services related specifically to Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin mining. Either option should allow you to make a small amount of income for you without being too much additional work!


Where to Find Free Bitcoin

Bitcoins can be expensive, and if they’re not expensive, then that’s because you’re mining them yourself, something that is tough to do. So if you don’t want to spend your time and money on getting Bitcoins the hard way, here are some ways that you can get yourself some Bitcoins for free.


Bitcoin Faucets

There are certain ‘faucets’ in the world of Bitcoin that are also sometimes referred to as fountains. These faucets produce free Bitcoins consistently, usually on a timescale similar to every five minutes. You can access these fountains 24 hours a day, but pay out only happens once a week, so you have plenty of time to let your Bitcoin balance build up!


Reading Books

Yes, it’s true; reading books can indeed earn you free Bitcoins! The website provides users with digital versions of classic books, such as Pride and Prejudice, and upon completion of the book, you will be paid by the site in Bitcoins. It takes time to read books, but it’s an incredibly easy way to make free money.


The Blockchain Game

The Blockchain game is a pretty addictive online game that allows you to earn Bitcoins as you play- that is genuinely all you have to do. There are several different levels of the game to work your way through, and you earn more Bitcoins the higher the level you’re on. The only downside to the game is the many adverts that you’ll come across, but this is, unfortunately, a necessity of the game. The adverts are how the game generates enough of an income to give you Bitcoins for free!


Free Slots

There are actually several slot games online and for mobiles that will pay you free Bitcoins just for playing on them- one such example is the game, Bitcoin Popper. This game is available online and on Android mobiles and tablets. Just like a slot game, you have to match up a pre determined number of symbols, and then if you’re successful, you are paid in Bitcoins.


Where to Spend Your Hard Earned Bitcoin

So you’ve spent a lot of time and money building up your Bitcoin balance, and now you’ve got a rather substantial amount sat in your Bitcoin wallet. The next question is; where will you be spending it? Lucky for you, more retailers now than ever before accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, so you have plenty of choices. Let’s have a look at some of the best places to spend your Bitcoins.



The obvious place to go and spend your Bitcoins is in a casino- either an ordinary online casino or a specific Bitcoin only casino. The great thing about playing in an online casino with Bitcoins is that you can have your winnings in Bitcoins too, giving you the chance to potentially make a lot more of the cryptocurrency for yourself without having to spend any extra cash!


Bitcoin Magazine

You can subscribe to issues of Bitcoin Magazine and make payments in Bitcoins. Bitcoin Magazine is definitely a worthwhile investment because it is jam-packed with knowledge, hints, and tips about the Bitcoin industry, the community and so on. If you’re looking to get started with Bitcoins, or just want to learn more about it all, you should definitely consider subscribing to the magazine!



If you’re having trouble finding the love of your life, why not sign up to a dating website? OKCupid actually accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment for their subscription services, so you can use the coins in your e-wallet rather than your hard earned cash to sign up to the site and try to find your soul mate!



If you’ve not heard of Coindl already, get to know about it- and fast! Coindl is basically the Bitcoin version of iTunes. You can purchase all sorts of digital goods, such as music, films, and books and pay for them all in Bitcoin. Some of the items on Coindl even run on a buy now, pay later scheme, so you have time to earn some more Bitcoins if you want to purchase something expensive.



If you’re after a car hire service, similar to that of Uber, then Wikispeed is your Bitcoin answer to the problem! You can hire out cars like taxis, or even for special occasions as you would a limo for a wedding, and pay for the entire service with Bitcoins.


Vera&John Currently Accepts Bitcoins

Online gaming is a very popular activity and a thriving industry. One of the most popular sites is Vera&John. There is word that the Malta-based online casino now allows customers to use bitcoins. Most people know about bitcoins unless they’ve been living in a hole. Bitcoins are virtual money that came on line a few years ago. It provides another option for online transactions. In addition, users do not have to go through a bank. Vera John has a reputation for being online innovators and that is one reason they wanted to allow the use of bitcoins. Indeed, it is good business because there are $12.2 million dollars in bitcoins circulating. The casino takes deposits from customers and automatically converts them into Euros.
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What You Should Know About Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a software-based online payment system that was created by a Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency can be used to buy things electronically. Bitcoins are similar to the convectional dollars, euros, or yen, which are traded digitally. However, what makes them different from convectional money is that they are decentralized. There is no government, company or bank, which is in charge of the bitcoins network. As such, it is more resistant to corrupt banks and wild inflation. With this convectional currency, you can be your own bank.
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Bitcoin’s progress

When people were first told about Bitcoin, most of them didn’t believe that it could become a major digital currency system. However, they were soon proved wrong and today, there are already many important economies that show their support for this system because it is a fact that if used wisely, it can make the whole process of making transactions and purchases electronically a lot easier. Another thing that is considered very important is the fact that bitcoins are not printed, unlike convenient money, which means that there is no risk of devaluing the currency.
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